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Under the coronavirus, the art auction market is growing. Since the online auction, which is not conducted in person, has been activated, the auction is similar to the current field auction. The auctioneer conducts the auction in person, in writing or by telephone. In addition to these non-private networking methods, joint procurement platforms promote art auctions.

In the past, due to high labor costs, key customers were limited by high real estate prices.

This decision, which justifies “new terms, meanings, and messages,” shows the limitations of Byeonyong Arts’ recognition of copyright. This is because a lot of subjectivity is a criterion that must be included in the legal interpretation. This is due to the fact that there are no clear criteria for determining whether a modified work is subject to fair use. It is still difficult to quickly and clearly judge whether an art borrowed from others is a form of art or simply a work of art.

If you are interested in copyright related to art auctions, see also the article below.

This is a topic that should not be overlooked when people talk about “modern Chinese art” in the domestic and foreign art markets.
Because modern Chinese art is approaching the world art market. For modern Chinese artists, the price of a work increases by 40% a year.

Copyright gives authors several rights to use their work. One of them is to create a work of genetically modified origin. Since the change is the original copyright, you must obtain the author’s permission to modify the work with the original author. However, the use of the original work is “fair use” and does not infringe copyright, even if the work has been altered without permission. If so, are there artists who use other people’s work to create in a place that is safe from copyright lawsuits and lawsuits?

Richard Prince is an American author known for his re-writing, borrowing works from other authors and converting his first work into collages and other techniques. In 2007, the prince exhibited a series of lithographic works, one of which was called “Channel Zone” by photographer Patrick Carrieu. Carrio’s first work was written in collaboration with Yes Rasta, who spent six years in Yarasa combining pictures of Rastafarian’s life. The prince used his “Channel Zone” as a collage, and how many of these works he used. A typical work is a raster image of a man standing in the woods, based on a photograph of Karu, with blue paper attached, an electric guitar in his hand.

Sotheby’s won a total of $ 9 million (about $ 9 billion in winnings) at the China Contemporary Art Auction last October, and Sotheby’s was also surprised to achieve its dual goal. Christie’s Auction collected and sold contemporary art from Asian countries at an auction in Hong Kong last November, and all 10 of the top works were awarded to Chinese artists.

By creating a common platform for the purchase of art, consumers are diversified. Co-purchasing works of art is a way for many investors to buy and sell expensive works of art in order to recoup their investment.

The number of successful works that won 30 million points at the auction in Seoul increased from 867 points in 2018 to 1,421 points in the first half of this year alone. The number of works worth more than 100 million won has dropped from 84 to 26 points.

Another factor is that China, like the rest of the world, buys works by contemporary artists from the mainland. In a monthly interview with Artnews, Henry Howard, Sotheby’s Asia and Australia director, said: “The main reason for the growth of Chinese art is the increase in the number of Chinese collectors.”

Artron (, a Chinese art market information site, provides price indexes that show price fluctuations for 100 oil artists and 400 traditional Chinese artists. The artists who have recorded a high percentage here dominate not only the art distribution market, but also the world’s largest art museum, which is held every two years.

Invisible auction
The reason most of the artwork is being auctioned off is that it is not clear what was agreed on in terms of value. As technology and social structures become more complex, the scope of auctions is becoming more diverse. Due to the attractiveness of goods that seemed to be non-convertible to monetary values, they gained value during the auction, and the auction area expanded to include the distribution of more complex items in addition to art, antiques, and celebrities.


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